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  1. Books

3.1.    Doug Mendenhall


3.2.    Hugh Nibley

3.3.    Gileadi, Avraham

3.4.    The Apostasy of the LDS Church was Prophesied, But the End is Not Yet

3.5.    Unequally Yoked: How to Preserve the Restoration and still save your Marriage.

3.6.    Beautiful Outlaw, Eldredge, John

3.7.    Thomas, M. Catherine

3.7.1. Spiritual Lightening

3.8.    What It Means To Know Christ, George W. Pace

3.9.    Max B. Skousen

3.9.1. I



3.9.4.A Blessing Hitherto Unknown. Book IV. Perfection in Christ, For the Church As A Whole

3.10.   John Pontius

3.10.1.    Following the Light of Christ into His Presence

3.10.2.    Journey to the Veil   

3.11.      Mike Stroud

3.11.1.    Highly Favored of the Lord I

3.11.2.    II

3.11.3.    III

3.12.      Jordan Peterson

3.12.1.    Maps of Meaning      

3.13.      Marcus Borg

3.14.      Ekhart Tolle

3.14.1.    A New Earth

3.14.2.    The Power of Now

3.15.      Johnathan Cahn

3.15.1.    The Harbinger

3.16.      Book of Mormon on Trial; West, Jack (TBM)

3.17.      Robert Smith

3.17.1.    Seek Ye This Jesus

3.17.2.    Teaching for doctrine the Commandments of Men

3.17.3.    Commanded in All things

3.17.4.    Holiness to the Lord

3.17.5.    Oh Say what is truth