Adam & Eve

Norse mythology

Askr and Embla

Askr and Embla, the first human couple. According to Snorri’s Edda, Borr’s sons Odin, Vile and Ve walked along the beach one day and found two trees. “Of them formed the people to whom Odin gave breath and life, Vile sense and movement and woe speech, hearing and vision. They

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Izanagi and Izanami

Receiving a command from the other gods to solidify and shape the Earth (which then “[resembled] floating oil and [drifted] like a jellyfish”), the couple Izanagi [His Augustness the Male Who-Invites] (see Adam) and Izanami [Her Augustness the Female-Who-Invites] (see Eve) use a jewelled spear to churn the watery chaos.

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