Verily thus says the Lord: It shall come to pass that every soul who forsakes their sins, and comes unto me, and calls on my name, and obeys my voice, and keeps all my commandments, shall see my face and know that I am. D&C 93:1

I have seen Jesus, and that he hath talked with me face to face, and that he told me in plain humility, even as a man telleth another, in mine own language, concerning these things. And only a few have I written because of my weakness in writing. And now I would commend you to seek this Jesus of whom the prophets and apostles have written.  Ether 12:39-41

The appearing of the Father and the Son, in that verse [John 14:23 ],  is a personal appearance; and the idea that the Father and the Son dwell in a man’s heart is an old sectarian notion, and is false. D&C 130:2

The ministry of the Second Comforter is to bring those to whom He ministers to the Father and have them accepted by Him. This means that the Father accepts them as a member of the Heavenly Family, or in other words, promises them exaltation. The end of the Lord’s ministry is to have the person accepted by the Father as a son or daughter of God. Receiving the Second Comforter means you will meet Christ. You will know, without a doubt, He exists. You will know, through Him, the atonement has been provided and the scriptures that testify of Him are true. You will no longer have faith in the existence of God nor in your standing before Him but will have knowledge.  Receiving an audience with the Second Comforter is the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


On April 14, 2012, I was carried away into the heavenly temple.  I shook the hand of the angel that was my guide.  I saw and heard the Father and the Son speak to me.  This experience involved sight, touch, sound, and smell.  It was as real as anything I have experienced in my day-to-day life, only the glory and intelligence conveyed is indescribable.  This was not my last encounter beyond the veil.

I am a witness that Jesus Christ lives.  He is a real, knowable person.  ….more

I am to bear witness that I have conversed with the Lord through the veil, that I have heard His voice, that I have stood in His presence and that He the Lord does live, and is alive today, and that both He and the Father desire all to come unto them and that He will succor them and reveal Himself to them. (D&C 93:1) They are of one heart and one mind and He invites all to become one with them, they are both glorified beings beyond what words can describe, nor any power of man could possibly covey, the Father being a personage of Spirit, Power, and Glory and the Son like unto Him being a Personage of Power and Glory tabernacled in the flesh. Joseph Smith knew what he was saying when he wrote the Lectures on Faith, especially lecture fifth.  …more

The first time I was in the presence of the Lord, I was hiding in my little boy’s bedroom closet so I could pray privately (yes, sometimes it requires hiding in the closet for this mom to find quietude).  I went to the Savior to tell Him that I had done all that I understood would bring the gift of His presence into my life, and that I wanted to know Him. I asked  … more

Your ability to effectively dialogue with God, walk and talk with Him and eventually have a personal audience with Him in mortality is one of the primary common denominators of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

“…. he is entitled to entertain angels; he is entitled to view the visions of eternity; and if we would like to go the full measure, he is entitled to see God the same way that any prophet in literal and actual reality has seen the face of Deity.”… more

Christ lives and comforts His followers today, just as He promised and did anciently.  He is the Second Comforter.  I know He lives, for I have seen Him.  He has ministered to me.

The Second Comforter is the heritage of the Saints.  He is as available to the least of the Saints as He is to the greatest.  Joseph tried to have the Saints understand this and taught this principle throughout his ministry.  These promises are to be taken literally.  They are not cunningly devised fables. 

If you are willing to accept Christ’s Gospel on its own terms and exercise faith to receive these things, then you too are called to the throne of grace to receive Him, and He to receive you.   ….more

God is real, and he is knowable. If you follow the instructions he has given in scripture, you will come to know him. …more

This is no imaginary tale. You can part the veil and stand in the presence of God while you are still among the living. You can have this special gift called the Second Comforter. This experience is no less than to be an actual witness of Jesus Christ; to hold Him and touch the marks in His hands, feet, and side; to hear Him tell you who you are, and bless you. And then your education truly begins, as God unfolds to you the mysteries. I did not want to write this book but I was instructed to because it would help others. I am a witness of Him, but for now, I am to limit what I share and how I share it. The day will come when I and many others will stand in public, and before the world, to make it known that the Day of the Lord is come. But at this time, my effort is to assist those who need to awaken and come to know the Lord. …more

One of the great privileges of the Gospel that has existed in every dispensation, is the privilege of obtaining a personal visitation of the Lord. The scriptures are replete with accounts of those who have sought and obtained this great gift. A notable few of those who have obtained the privilege of conversing with the God of heaven face to face include Adam, Seth, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Elisha, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Peter, James, John, Paul, Lehi, Nephi, the brother of Jared, Alma, Moroni, the Nephite Twelve, Joseph Smith, and many others. It is also undoubtedly true that countless others, whose names are unknown to history, also obtained this sweet gift. …more

More from Afshin.  I love how he describes Jesus’ eyes.