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All day Long...

One of my only posts on Twitter was, “More than anything else, my religion defines who I am.” 

Even after removing the rose tinted church glasses, that is still true.  This project is a reflection of my new religion and has been a labor of love.  I pay to play this game, and get so excited to learn more day by day as I build more cross connections on this website.  

I am a real person.  I’m a mom to seven kids.  My husband and I homeschool and work full time while keeping the troops wrangled.   I would love to hear from others who are just as passionate as I am.  

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I’m looking for additional collaborators. So, if you have insight into or passion for a particular area of interest, I’d especially love to hear from you!  


I’ve tried responding to the email address provided in your 26 Aug message, but it bounced back as undeliverable.  Your question in the subject line was, “Are you in business.”  
No, we are not in business.  The website is not monetized in any way, but provides free information regarding the correlating connections across all the world’s religions.  The nature of the content would make it inappropriate to monetize, as a form of priest-craft.   
Thanks for your inquiry.