The Hopi Tribe

The Hopi Tribe is a sovereign nation located in northeastern Arizona. The reservation occupies part of Coconino and Navajo counties, encompasses more than 1.5 million acres, and is made up of 12 villages on three mesas.


Covenant People

Since time immemorial the Hopi people have lived in Hopitutskwa and have maintained their sacred covenant with Maasaw, the ancient caretaker of the earth, to live as peaceful and humble farmers respectful of the land and its resources. Over the centuries we have survived as a tribe, and to this day have managed to retain our culture, language and religion despite influences from the outside world.

Truth of a Hopi
by Edmund Nequatewa, [1936]
Hopi myth, legend, and history, written by a Hopi, from a Hopi viewpoint.

Book of the Hopi
by Frank Waters, [1977]
Thirty elders of the ancient Hopi tribe freely reveal the Hopi worldview for the first time in written form.


Dance for Peace Hope Life


The Nations

Hopi – People of Peace

I will place in your hands these sacred stone tablets, Tiponi, symbol of power and authority over all land and life to guard, protect, and hold in trust for me until I shall return to you in a later day, for I am the First and I am the Last.

Hopi Prophecy

“We have teachings and prophecies informing us that we must be alert for the signs and omens which will come about to give us courage

Wisdom preserved