Same God in Heaven

Different Names

The promised original religion includes the revelation of everything, nothing shall be withheld. Since the restoration  a great deal has been withheld, but the religion of Abraham (and therefore the religion of Adam) included “a knowledge of the beginning of the creation, and also of the planets, and of the stars, as they were made known unto the fathers.” The restoration must grow in ancient knowledge and understanding until their understanding reaches into heaven. Not just spiritual understanding, but also physical understanding of the layout of the universe. The placement of the lights in the firmament was for “signs” to man, and therefore were deliberately placed and contain information originally understood by Adam.


Anishinaabe - Gitchi Manitou


African Traditional - Olokun

The Lord

Egypt - Horus


Christian - Mary, the Elect Lady

Correlating the Identities of

Men and Angels

Man, East in Eden

Breath of Life

First Woman

Persephone and the Fruit







Twelve Tribes

Nations of the Earth

Remaining Restoration

God intends to re-establish the civilization on the other side of the Second Coming that will finally be a civilization in which men are at peace with one another, and men are at peace with nature. And that accomplishment needs to be achieved with a population of people that He preserves, that He has watched over, and that He intends to use to rebuild His kingdom on Earth. So, don’t think—wherever you are—that you’re not in plain sight of the Lord and that the Lord isn’t keenly aware of you, with an intention to include you in what His future plans are—because God is more aware of you individually than maybe you are even of Him.

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