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This work would go well towards pointing at the original religion. It is tremendous and is going to have a lot of value in the future.

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The Sacred Embrace

“Between your mother in the East and myself in the West, all life from beginning to end is placed. My son, you are the connection between birth and death.”

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Distraction & Repentance

The simplest method of securing a silent weapon and gaining control of the public is to keep the public undisciplined and ignorant of the basic system principles on the one

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Morality or Culture

“And again, outward appearance is not always a criterion for us to judge our fellow man, but the lips betray the haughty and overbearing imaginations of the heart. By his

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Climb vs. Ascend

An enduring exaltation, which is what God provides to those who are willing, is ascending into a higher frequency. This requires additional energy.

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The Word

The pattern hasn’t changed. God still speaks and we are both invited and challenged to authenticate His word using what He has already said.

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The Code of Handsome Lake

“Then answered the man, ‘I am he.’ And he turned his palms upward and they were scarred and his feet were likewise and his breast was pierced by a

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A letter of kindness

Breaking out of a false paradigm is not enough. You have spent decades building relationships and a life. God has led you to where you are.

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Featured Remnant BLOGS

Pure Mormonism

I’ve had a lifelong interest in what the early Latter-day Saints understood to be the “pure theology” of The Restoration, unfiltered by many of the common assumptions prevalent among a majority of modern Mormons today. 

To the remnant

I write about the process of coming to Christ personally, because it’s increasingly clear to me that salvation is in Christ alone, and that no institution, man, or position belongs between you and Christ, no matter who they are or what they claim.

Bare Record Of Truth

“One of the grand fundatmental principles of Mormonism is to recieve truth, let it come from where it may.” Joseph Smith, History of the Church, 5:499

Denver Snuffer Blog

“I’m trying to put into a blog what would require many hours of individual emails and conversations.  Hopefully this will both answer the many questions I keep receiving and allow me to stay productive with my family, job and Church responsibilities.”

I testify to you that each of us can see and know the Lord for ourselves, that He is a knowable, loving God that wants each of us all to come unto Him. He loves you, He knows you, He is waiting for you now. 

I have no authority nor do I claim to be right. This blog gives me focus in my research and I figured I’d share.

Mormonism is part of an Israelite Restoration and that the Book of Mormon is a record of a remnant of the House of Israel that was led away.

One of my goals in writing is to show that there is a great work to be done by regular people. In fact there is work to be done by all who are willing to repent and come unto Christ. May we all offer our service to God and do His will.

The scriptures were given to us as the guide for us to determine which direction to go.  Joseph Smith stated that if any prophet, or man should tell you something that is not in agreement with the scriptures,   Trust NO MAN.  Only trust the Lord.

The Lord is offering again a chance for Zion to begin. That is the message. Repent and be baptized. Partake of the Sacrament in the way he directed. Come unto Christ. Come to know Him. Start in your families to become a Zion people. 

Question and answer format concerning the use of the Priesthood outside of a church structure.

 On June 27, 1844, the Restoration was interrupted by the murder of the Prophet Joseph Smith and his brother – and his chosen successor – Hyrum Smith the Patriarch. After decades of darkness and apostasy a Light has begun to shine forth. The Restoration has recommenced.

I have a deep love for the Book of Mormon.  My study of that book has reinforced my conclusions.  I now witness that the message and example of prophets from scripture differ from those of today in the church.  I can no longer close my eyes to that reality.  Nor do I think God will excuse me in doing so.

If there’s one area in which we probably share the most harmony and unity it is a shared belief of a God in heaven who loves us and desires our happiness. He finds joy in helping us achieve happiness. He is kind, loving and approachable. We are at the center of his desires. He yearns to hear from us. He is a part of us and we Him. He is the Father of our spirits. He is a perfect being filled with love and truth.

We begin to paint a clear picture regarding the scattering of the twelve tribes of Israel, but more specifically, the tribe of Joseph. It is clear that Joseph is the bough, or in other words a main branch of Israel. And his nation becomes separated from his eleven brethren by the sea. When Lehi departed from Jerusalem, the Lord told him that he was to be given a new land of inheritance. This land of inheritance became Lehi’s promised land–a land across the great sea in the new world.

The restoration of Christ’s Gospel was intended to once again connect man with God, not just connect him/her to an institution or a religious church leader to follow. My experiences are of course personal, however they motivate me to share the good news of Christ and point to Him.  While I’m an ordinary person I have found the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be extraordinary.  It is Good News.

The intent of this blog is to help the two of us to truly come unto Christ in this life and be saved (or sealed up by Him) to eternal life.  It is a gospel doctrine and scripture blog.  It is the Doctrine of Christ, as found in the scriptures, that will lead us to Him.  

Your ability to effectively dialogue with God, walk and talk with Him and eventually have a personal audience with Him in mortality is one of the primary common denominators of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you are a “disciple” of the church itself; if your “testimony” of the “true church” is the greatest force in your life, then you will eventually be slapped upside the head with something too great to endure with your “testimony” unshaken.

For this reason I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. Herein only lies safety and peace.