Notable and Worthwhile


Series 1: The Christian Reformation


Part 01: Backstory
Part 01: Luther’s Courage
Part 03: Protest
Part 04: God’s Timing
Part 05: Calvinism
Part 06: Reconsidering Everything
Pat 07: Conclusion

Series 2: The Christian Restoration


Part 1: Reform was not Enough
Part 2: Essential Missing Parts
Part 3: Early Attempts at Restoring
Part 4: God Speaks Again
Part 5: Campbellites and Mormons Intersect
Part 6: Mormonism Decline and Fall
Part 7: The Restoration Continues Today

Series 3: The Heavens are Open Again


Part 1: Condemnation
Part 2: Rejection
Part 3: Three Great Things Left Undone
Part 4: Abandonment and Renewal
Part 5: Restoring Scripture
Part 6: Remembering Remnants
Part 7: Zion

Documentary: Who Killed Joseph Smith?

The Heavens Are Open Again

Mormon Stories Interviews Remnant People

Matthew Lohmeier

4 Videos

Karen & Kirk Strong

4 Videos