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“As a caretaker of the sacred stone tablet, I know and agreed with the instructions that the tablet is to pass down from hand to hand with the righteous and pure who stand firmly side by side and live by the laws of the Great Spirit, by which to lead the people. I know the instruction that this tablet must not be used wrongly for self-gain or glory, for we know we are only the humble servants of the Great Spirit. As foretold, at this stage we will lose our way and make the same mistakes we made in the previous world below. For this reason Maasauu warned us when we asked him if we would come and live here with him. He said he lives simple, and if we are willing to live like him, we may come, but if we disregard his instructions he will take back the land. So, according to our ancient clan laws we do not urge the offer on whoever wishes to follow us, nor will we give permission for any other use of the land by anyone else, for the reason that no land was given to us.” — James Pongyayouma, Nephew of Yukioma and his successor

“. . .And so they knew something very important would happen. There would be an attempt to make peace on earth on the west coast of this land. They began to hear that there was going to be a League Of Nations in San Francisco, so the elders gathered in Arizona around 1920 or so, and they wrote a letter to Woodrow Wilson. They asked if the Indian People could be included in the League Of Nations. The United States Supreme Court had held that a reservation is a separate and semi-sovereign nation, not a part of the United States, but protected by it.
[But for the government] this became a concern, because people didn’t want them [Native peoples] to be considered nations. So they did not write back, and the Native people were left out of the League of Nations. So that circle was incomplete, and the elders knew that peace would not come on the earth until the circle of humanity is complete.” — Lee Brown, Cherokee, Continental Indigenous Council, Fairbanks, Alaska, 1986

“We have made a sacred covenant to follow Maasaw, the Great Spirit’s Life Plan at all times, which includes the responsibility of taking care of this land and life for his divine purpose. Our goals are not to gain political control, monetary wealth, or military power, but rather to pray and to promote the welfare of all living beings and to preserve the world in a natural way.
Hopi in our language means a peaceful, kind, gentle, and truthful people. We made a sacred covenant which includes the responsibility of taking care of this land and life for (Maasauu, the Great Spirit’s) purpose. Our goal is to pray and promote the welfare of all living beings and to preserve the world in a natural way.” — Thomas Banyacya, United Nations General Assembly (read full text here)

” ‘We’re going to divide the United States into four sections and each year we’re going to have a gathering. We’re going to call these the White Roots of Peace Gatherings.’ And they authorized certain men to speak in English for the first time about these prophecies.” — Dr. Allen Ross, We Are All Related

“Before the white man moved in on us and sent missionaries in, the Hopis had been practicing their old religion according to their prophecies and the supervision of the high priests who had inherited the knowledge and according to the ritual calendar of the clans and the kiva societies. We also had a sun watcher, an astronomer you might say, who kept track of where the sun came up every day and told the people when it rose at a certain particular point, meaning that a certain ceremony should take place.

Every clan had a particular responsibility, it had to do special things for the village. My own clan, the Coyote, had the responsibility of taking the lead to protect the village in time of danger. When the Catholic priests were thrown out back in the 1600s some time, we took the responsibility in that and in tearing down the Catholic mission. Every clan had something particular to do for the village. It was very complicated. We had a village chief, a war chief, a crier chief, and many other officials who carried out their tasks. If there were difficulties between kiva societies or clans, they were discussed and thrashed out in council in the kivas, and whatever was decided down there was carried out. You could say that we had a wonderful social organization that really worked.” — Homer Cooyama, Kikeuchmovi, July 1970

“He made a set of sacred stone tablets, called Tiponi, into which he breathed his teachings, prophecies, and warnings. Before the Great Spirit hid himself again, he placed before the leaders of the four different racial groups four different colors and sizes of corn; each was to choose which would be their food in this world. The Hopi waited until last and picked the smallest ear of corn.

At this, the Great Spirit said:  ‘It is well done. You have obtained the real corn, for all the others are imitations in which are hidden seeds of different plants. You have shown me your intelligence; for this reason I will place in your hands these sacred stone tablets, Tiponi, symbol of power and authority over all land and life to guard, protect, and hold in trust for me until I shall return to you in a later day, for I am the First and I am the Last.’ ” –White Feather, Hopi Bear Clan

Hopi prophecy tells us that there will be a [future] mass migration of Indigenous peoples northward from Mexico, Central and South America. The migration will be led by a 130-year old Guatemalan Indigenous Chief named Etchata Etchana. Many prophecies south of the USA Boarder have said that with this very great influx of indigenous peoples will come a reclaiming of their lands especially California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Southern Colorado. To strike the balance! 

Many of this movement say that Montezuma will return as well. The movement will come after the huge fire and explosion that will herald the advent of the True White Brother’s Return. 

Some say the huge fire and explosion will come from the Yellow Stone National Park volcano or from the volcanos in the Pacific Northwest around Seattle, Washington. Some say it will be nuclear explosion as a retaliation or both!” — Lee Brown, Continental Indigenous Council, Fairbanks, Alaska, 1986

“When the snake comes out of its hole in the winter and the cactus flowers blooms as well it is the time to take the tablets to the capitol of the west.” — Hopi Prophecy, Fire Clan Tablet

In mid-December, 1990, Martin Gashweseoma did in fact witness the above in Hopi Land. It was this fulfillment of ancient prophecy that inspired the Ministry of the Children to present publicly for the first time the Manifesto for a Sovereign United Nations:

“Martin brought the sacred Tablets to the Governor of Santa Fe. His Holiness the Dalai Lama synchronistically was in town and was invited to privately view the Fire Clan Tablets as well. This meeting was a part of the ancient Hopi prophesy and its fulfillment. At the farewell audience for the Dalai Lama, with the historic presence of the five Hopi Elders, The Sovereign United Nations Manifesto was handed directly to each elder and the Dalai Lama.” — Amarushka, Ministry of the Children

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