Hope Series


Hope Part II

The problem with filters is that some things seem devoid of light and others cannot be discerned at all.



“And you doubt that God cannot make a holy place somewhere that has not been trodden under the foot of the gentiles? You doubt that God cannot bring to pass His work in culminating the ages? Have the faith of a grain of mustard seed, because it is coming; it is going to happen; and if you lack the faith, you will not be invited.”

The First National Park, not only in the United States but anywhere in the world, was in Northwestern Wyoming, which the US Congress and President Ulysses S. Grant designated in 1872. The law establishing this land as the first National Park declared the area would be preserved “for the benefit and enjoyment of the people.”

“Zion is something that has only been accomplished in the known history of the world by two communities. It’s prophesied that there will be a third. What is to be created is something so foreign to this world, that there is nothing in the world to use to judge how we are doing. Even the scriptures do not give a blueprint to follow. If they contained the necessary information, Zion would’ve been established long ago. 

God alone will establish Zion; His instructions are vital and necessary for us. Once He instructs us, the scriptures can then be used to confirm that His directions to us now is consistent with what He prophesied, covenanted, and promised would happen. But the path to Zion is to be found only by following God’s immediate commands to us. That is how He will bring it. He will lead us there. There is no magic; there is no sprinkling fairy dust that will take you to where God is. It does not and cannot happen that way. He will lead us, teach us, command us, guide us, but we have to be the ones who become what He commands. We have to be the ones who do what He bids us do.”


“This is the place I have reserved unto myself.”

For out of Jerusalem shall go forth a remnant, and they that escape out of Mount Zion. The zeal of the Lord of Hosts shall do this. For I will defend this city, to save it for my own sake and for my servant David’s sake.

ten Parables

Minerva Terrace

The adjective Brackish has roots in the Dutch word brac, meaning salty, and the word is used literally to describe water that is salty.  Brakhill is another way to say Salty Hill

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Hope & Tarwater

She came in summer, settled in a meadow, and found everything she needed to survive in or on the land. She placed her tent beside a hot spring, which provided her warmth in the cold weather. She ate berries and wild fruit, and found pine nuts plentiful. She was able to weave the flax growing wild beside her stream and make linen clothing for herself and her children.

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Hot Springs

Brakhill's Greatest Citizen

The town of Brakhill is located in the high plains of northwestern WyomingThere are rolling hills surrounding it, and several hot springs which produce columns of steam during the winter months. The pillars of smoke inspired some of the early settlers to believe God’s hand watched over this particular Promised Land

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Rocky Mountains

Zion will not be moved out of its place, which place you know not yet. But Joseph knew it was in the Rocky Mountains, and he intended to go there. And the Lord knew it was in the Rocky Mountains when He revealed that to Isaiah in his prophecy. 

2Kings 6:10

Mount Zion

And then cometh the New Jerusalem




If the covenant with God is kept, then He will allow His house to be built. The covenant cannot be kept if there is jarring, contention, envy, strife, lustful and covetous desires. If we do the same as those who went before, we would pollute the ground again.

I am thankful we do not yet have a place to pollute. It would be better to never gain a promised place for God’s house than to take possession and pollute it.

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