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I am going to start building a chart with words containing the 23rd letter:  Shin (aka Sin).  It looks like a W.  This character is one of the only ones where the Paleo Hebrew and Hebrew characters still look similar.
Here is the modern Hebrew version:

Sometimes it is pronounced like the English “S”.  Sometimes it is pronounced like the English “Sh”.  This is the character from the Paleo Hebrew chart:

The word is related to tooth/teeth and the shape resembles the fangs of a snake.  So it would appear that three of the letters in the alphabet are related to the serpent.

And the serpent represents and is related to Satan and Lucifer. As far as English crossovers go, I find it interesting that the English letter S looks like a Snake (Serpent), is the beginning letter of those two words as well as the word Satan, and makes the same sound as the Paleo Hebrew letter Shin (Sin) which is also the sound similar to the hiss of a snake. 

The sh sound is also interesting since it generally means to be quiet or keep a secret.  Those who enter into an oath with the secret combinations make an oath to not tell and keep things secret.

I am thinking I will build the chart up one chapter at a time and post it each time I make progress.  The Shin (Sin) character appears in a lot of words.  Here is the chart for words in Genesis 1 that have the letter “Shin”.  I have tried to group similar words together.

On this chart, two words I find interesting are these:

It is also the same word used for “soul”.

It is pronounced “nephesh”. 

I believe it shares the same root with the name Nephi in the Book of Mormon.

Rob Kay wrote about Nephesh in his journey of the soul blog post:

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