Veneration of the Tree of Life

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This fresco known as the Veneration of the Tree of Life was discovered in the early 20th century in a cave in Turpan, Xinjiang, China.  According to the teachings, there is a tree of life growing in the Kingdoms of Light.  In the center it has three trunks which symbolize the East, West and North. The tree has healthy branches and lush leaves, fragrant flowers in full bloom, and numerous fruits. There are huge bunches of grapes hanging down from the branches and look like a large canopy. The pool under the tree may be the Qibao Incense Pond, with two birds in the pool looking at the worshiping crowd. On the left and right sides of the trunk, there were six people saluting the tree of life. Four of them were kneeling in the front and two standing in the back. They are well-dressed and wear richly decorated high crowns. Among them are angels with wings, believers, and other gods. The angel’s name, praise, and vows are Uighur, written in the pool and in the sidebar under the painting.

Below the incense pond wg ritten in Uighur letters it reads, “This is a gathering of the patron saints”, “I, Savit, in front of the peacock portrait, write all this, I hope not There is no more sin, I hope […] be protected”, “Otukan Ingesakank (and) Quartluk Tan Misu Kea, I hope they are protected […] I humbly finish After all this […] I wish to have peace. Please forgive me for my sins.” Although some of the contents of the prayers involve frescoes, these words are not left by the original author.

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