Eclipse on the day of Gui Hai

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Yin and Yang have mistakenly switched, and the sun and moon were eclipsed. The sins of all the people are now on one man. Pardon is proclaimed to all under heaven.” History of Latter Han Dynasty, Volume 1, Chronicles of Emperor Guang Wu, 7th year.

In the day of Gui Hai, the last day of the month, there was a solar eclipse. [The emperor] avoided the Throne Room, suspended all military activities and did not handle official business for five days.” History of Latter Han Dynasty, Vol. 1, Chronicles of Emperor Guang Wu, 7th year

Eclipse on the day of Gui Hai, Man from Heaven died”. History of Latter Han, Annals, No. 18, Gui Hai.

Compare to “From the sixth hour until the ninth hour darkness came over all the land.” Mark 15:33 (KJV).

Three days after the eclipse this was recorded by Chinese astronomers:  “During the reign of Emperor Guang Wu, on the day of Bing Yin of the fourth month of Jian Wu, a halo–a rainbow–encircled the sun.” History of Latter Han, Annals No. 18, Gui Hai.

Emperor Guangwu (January 15, 5 B.C.E. – March 29, 57 C.E.), born Liu Xiu, was an emperor of the Chinese Han Dynasty, restorer of the dynasty in 25 C.E. and founder of the Later Han or Eastern Han (the restored Han Dynasty). He ruled over the whole of China until his death in 57 AD. Emperor Guang Wu reigned during the time of Yeshua’s life, death and resurrection in Israel. The Emperor and astronomers recorded these historical events observed along with profound insight in Chinese historical records dated around A.D 31.   The accurate interpretations of the heavenly events imply that prophetic records were present in China during the first century.  

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