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Mary of Magdala (original Greek Μαρία ἡ Μαγδαληνή) is described, in the New Testament, as one of the most important women associated with Jesus during his ministry.

Mary inherited the position as the Temple Magdala’s High Priestess–the keeper of the Doves, the Sacred Symbol for the Holy Spirit, Chryseis Daughter–Mary Magdalene.

The late 20th and early 21st century has seen a restoration of the New Testament figure of Mary Magdalene as a patron of women’s preaching and ministry. Her new popularity has stemmed in part from the recognition that Mary Magdalene has suffered from what is believed to have been a historical defamation of character. Some argue that she has been misidentified as a repentant prostitute in historical tradition and as depicted in art as a weeping sinner wiping Jesus’ feet with her hair.

Mary Magdalene is the leader of a group of women disciples who are present at the cross, when the male disciples (excepting John the Beloved) have fled, and at his burial. Mary was a devoted follower of Jesus, entering into the close circle of those taught by Jesus during his Galilean ministry. She became prominent during the last days, accompanying Jesus during his travels and following him to the end. She witnessed his Crucifixion and burial. According to all four Gospels in the Christian New Testament, she was the first person to see the resurrected Christ.

Mary’s surname is of Magdalo, a castle, and was born of right noble lineage of kings of Egypt. She, with her brother Lazarus, and her sister Martha, possessed the castles of Magdalo and Bethany, and also a great part of Jerusalem. Mary’s father is said to have had a Persian or Parthian name. In the book “Cleopatra to Christ” about the lineage of Mary’s family, it is claimed that much of this information originated with Hegesippus, a second century Christian chronicler. Mary of Bethany and Mary Magdalene are the same person. Mary was also the one who performed the anointing of Jesus feet with oil in solemn ceremony to consecrate and enthrone a new king of Judaeo-Syria. In normal times this would have been a formal state occasion on the Temple Mount, but in these troubled times the family had resorted to a more private ceremony with a few dozen relations and dignitaries.

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This is Mary Magdalen’s personal story of her tantric relationship with Yeshua ben Joseph, known today as Jesus Christ. A love so deep it has survived over 2000 years of lies, to be finally told now, in this, “the beginning of the ending of time.” A High Initiate of the Temple of Isis, Mary Magdalen was the Holy Grail, the cup that carried the blood of Christ. And the long-prophesied “sun” that was born to her was a girl named Sarah.

In the Magdalen Manuscript, given by her and reprinted here, word-for-word as she gave it, she describes the alchemy that she and Yeshua practiced. This is the alchemy that prepared him to sustain life after death, so that he could meet his destiny and lay a trail of light through the death realms, a light path each of us can follow.

This is Her Story, revealing some of the deepest secrets of the Temples, as requested by Isis. To this remarkable test, Tom Kenyon has added a comparison of the major streams of internal alchemy, plus an in-depth look at Egyptian High Alchemy and a clarification of the Alchemies of Horus. Judi Sion, at the request of Mary Magdalen, has added One Woman’s Story, which is every woman’s story.

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